Our objectives

  • Work on the sustainable use of the soil through the production of coffee in agroforestry systems.

  • Obtain the best inputs, supplies, machinery and equipment for our cooperatives with financing options.

  • Provide the best service for the process and exportation of coffee to our member cooperatives with the utmost seriousness and quality.

Our services


Burlap bags

We import Burlap bags with  highest quality requirements. 


Ecotact bags

The ecological plastic bags inside burlap bags are extremely strong and have high oxygen an and moisture barrier properties to seal the freshness of green coffee throughout the supply chain and storage  


Quality control equipment

We facilitate the implementation of coffee quality control with Roasters, Mills, Moisture meters, equipment with a large capacity for work and a long lifespan.


Milling services

Our modern, fully automated dust and noise free plant is unique in the country and we guarantee to meet your higher expectations for milling services.

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